Surprise surgery!

So the title may be ever so slightly misleading, but I wanted to give a little intro tonight before I head into hospital tomorrow morning. The past few months have been a whirlwind of appointments, scans and days limping round the house, but I was finally scheduled in to have my Medical Meniscus and ACL repair surgery. Not what most people look forward to in life, but I had spent the days leading up to the 17th Oct preparing for the day of reckoning. One of the biggest concerns I had was whether it was going to be possible to have both surgeries in the same operation, or if I would have to wait for the swelling to go down and have separate procedures. Luck was on my side and I was cleared by my Surgeon to go ahead.

That was when disaster struck us. 

We received a call from my Surgeon’s secretary stating that due to a bereavement in the theatre staff, the surgery was not going to be able to go ahead on the 17th October. The spiral was real, having mentally, physically and emotionally prepared myself for surgery I was faced with the possibility that I may not have the operation till NOVEMBER, as my Surgeon was going on holiday a day after the 17th! It may not have been the worst news, but I was informed by my Surgeon that I ran the risk of certain parts of my knee grinding on each other every time I walked and it was imperative to have surgery asap. I can tell you it’s tough to manage knowing something like that. Going home with no date in mind was devastating but I was encouraged to soldier on and pray that my Surgeon would be able to slot me in before he went on a vacay.

How I got the call

We got a call from the hospital at around 2:00pm today, in which my mum and I were informed that it was possible to head into surgery tomorrow morning at 7:00am.


Talk about sprung on me! It has been crazy to go from a fixed date, to sometime in the future to tomorrow and getting my mental strength up has been so important throughout this process. The remainder of the day has been a rush of preparations and that is what I want to get to in this post. When I was researching for my own surgery I found very little out there on how to recover from an ACL and Meniscus tear, especially concerning performers. An ACL tear is the most common football injury, yet I could find hardly any research, tips or tricks concerning how a dancer can help their recovery process. This is why I wanted to start a blog, not just to document, but for others who may find themselves in a similar position to have something they can refer to and someone who is happy to answer any questions.

Equally if you do have any info, research, stories or another blog similar to mine, comment below and share. I’m all for shouting out others who wish to share their own stories! 

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