What do I pack for an operation?

Not your average packing list.

We all wish we were packing for something cheerier, but when you are staying overnight or for any period in hospital, there are some comforts and items that are a must. Here’s my handy list for all things to bring with you to make your immediate hours post-op the comfiest they can be.

Two pairs of warm, comfy pyjamas: Be smart with what you wear, it’s not a fashion show it’s hospital and there’s no real need to look cute. If you are having knee surgery or anything on your legs bring some shorts and no playsuits, make your life easier for yourself and remember it’s going to be tough to move your knee straight away.

Day clothes: You can’t be cute in hospital, but you can dress a little nicer when it’s time to leave. But still be sensible, you’ve had an operation and I would always recommend wearing your comfiest clothes, jumpers to combat the shorts you’ll most likely be wearing, comfy shoes you can slip on and keep warm!

Dressing gown: A little comfy comfort.

Slippers: My own are UGG slipper and I cannot recommend them enough, maximum fluffiness.

Underwear: You won’t believe how many forget this, hospital underwear is not the one.

Favourite pillow: A home comfort to help you sleep.

Chapstick: Your lips can get very dry afterwards, always handy to have some on hand.

Toothbrush & Toothpaste: There’s no reason not to maintain your dental hygiene.


A good book,

Phone & Charger,

Laptop & Charger,

Water bottle,

A helping hand: It doesn’t matter who it is, family, friend, partner or anyone having a friendly face for when you come round is the ultimate lifesaver if you can. Someone who will keep the conversation flowing, motivate and encourage you is invaluable, not to mention they can always run and pick something up if you desperately need it.

Got any other suggestions? Drop a comment below if you have any other must-have things with you during your hospital stay. 


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