Physio and fresh air

Hello all, I’ve just come back from my first Physiotherapy session with Louise which was SO informative and lovely. I can’t tell you how good it is to get out of the house, go for a drive and get some fresh air, especially on a sunny day like today!

The first thing Louise did was have a catch up on how I did my injury, to which the full story was explained, (which will come soon in another blog post). She was happy with my progress and how I was weaning myself off the pain meds. She then inspected my brace, which I haven’t worn too much, but was slipping down my leg when I walked even when it was tight. She gave me some tubing bandages and said I can use them when wearing the brace to stop it slipping and has encouraged me to start really getting my knee bend while walking.

I have now been tasked to start walking around the house and outside 3 times a day while wearing the brace to get all the muscles going again, along with a new batch of exercises.

  1. Hip Bridge, a favourite of mine from Pilates – lift your hips up to the ceiling with your feet flat on the floor, hold for 10 seconds and then lower down slowly.
  2. Brace your back against the wall and sink down a little way till your core and quads are engaged, hold for 10 and then back up slowly. Get someone to help you in case you slip as you need to hold onto the crutches for this one, it’s a STANDING exercise!
  3. Continue with tensing the knee both while sitting and keeping the leg straight though focus more on pressing and holding for 10 rather than the pop of the knee when relaxing.

I have to leave my dressings on for another week and then they can come off (whoo!) though if they weep it’s best to pop it back on for a few days.

An important note to make!

When I changed my dressing I ended up pulling some of the steri strips off with it but I wasn’t sure whether this was good or not. I couldn’t get the dressings off without taking some of the strips up. I called the hospital who told me it was fine if they come off and if you have any extra steri strips to put them on to just keep the wound closing up. SO BUY A PACK OF STERI STRIPS, THEY ARE LIFE SAVERS! 

Finally I was shown a 3D model of the knee so I could see exactly what the ACL and Meniscus were and have a little anatomy lesson on how they work. This was great to hear and learn about as Louise told me to think of the Meniscus as a shock absorber and I was surprised to learn that the hamstring will be what gives me the most trouble in terms of exercising as it has been harvested from and is essentially dead when attached to the bone to become my new ACL. It takes roughly THREE MONTHS for the blood flow to be normal throughout the new ACL and to rejuvenate and be fully alive once more which means my exercise is very limited until then.

Lisa stressed to me that as a dancer I’m going to be itching to move and that I will soon not feel any pain, twinges and have a decent amount of movement and I’m going to want to jump right back into things yet I’ll still be told to wait. This is going to be very frustrating but it’s important not to go too far until the Meniscus is healed. I did have a good walk about with my brace on, which feels a lot more supported and I feel like more of a human when walking now and I got a glimpse of the pool.


That is my next goal I’ll be reaching for along with counting down till my Meniscus is healed. I swim often and am itching to start again. Louise told me we’ll be starting with a front crawl soon, but it’ll be three months till I can do my favourite breath stroke again. CRY.

1 Week After Surgery copy
Check out my new T-Shirt haha!

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