The one month milestone!

Hello all! Apologies for not updating in a couple of weeks, I’ve been getting back to things slowly but surely and also wanted to make sure I had a good long post to give you all as things have been pretty slow till recently.

Progress Report

I am happy to say that I continue to be completely off all pain killers of any kind and have been for the past week or two. While I’m still wearing my brace and my exercises haven’t changed too much I have started to walk better with very few niggles or pain. I’ve noticed particularly in bed that while I’m still supporting my knee when sleeping on my left side, I am able to turn over pretty easily now. (Whoo!)

Who else sleeps like this?
The ONLY way to sleep! 

My dressings have gone from big waterproof bandages to breathable ones. I no longer need to near them over the little keyhole scars, only on the big incision where they harvested my hamstring from.  I can’t tell you the freedom you feel once the dressings are off, they actually were limiting my movements a little and I had a wider range of movement without them pulling on the wound so much. To be able to shower without a dressing is a real blessing and it’s any day I can take the final one off, just need to wait till it stops weeping.

(I have had a couple of itch spots develop where it’s been a little wet round my big incision, the redness in the pic below, the nurses and I reckon it’s just where it hasn’t been able to breathe and while they are crazy itchy I’m sure they’re going to go soon).

One month in, dressings off!
My knee, a month in without the dressings on!

I can now get dressed by myself, including socks and finally no longer need to be dependant on someone else to get me to bed. I can stay up of my own accord, get upstairs due to my new method for tackling the stairs and into bed.

MY NEW METHOD: I find it SO MUCH EASIER to put both crutches on the step which means I can distribute the weight between my arms and legs much easier which makes that scary part where I put a little weight onto my operated leg much easier to deal with. It also makes me SO MUCH QUICKER. This is the same going up and down the stairs and I recommend everyone to give it a go and see if it helps and to keep experimenting as you never know if there is an easier way to do something.

I can also shower standing up now. I still have to sit down and swing my legs into the bath, but with a shower mat in the bottom and some supervision just in case, I can have a relatively easy shower around the same level I was at before my operation with the torn Meniscus and ACL.

Going out!

I have been outside THREE times since my operation!

(Aside my visits to the hospital)

I have so far been out for a meal at Chiquitos where I had too many cocktails and they were absolute stars with me. While I have to plan how I’m going to get about and make sure I’m not walking too far, they asked me if I needed an extra chair for my leg and where so nice the entire time. I was so STUFFED afterwards!

I have also been to Afternoon Tea which was so cute, and again the doormen looked after me the entire time. I think they were all worried I wouldn’t make it up the couple of steps so they were all treating me like glass, bless them, though I really missed wearing heels while I was there.

Finally I’ve been able to head to a movie night at the lovely Amber’s house which was so nice to get away for a while. I’ve said it before, but great friends really are the way forwards!

Afternoon Tea

I’ve also just had my first Hydrotherapy session which I’ll be going into detail about in another blog post, but let me say it is HARD WORK, but so rewarding!

I’d also just like to quickly draw your attention to the Go Fund Me page my best friend set up a while ago. Having this operation cost me a hell of a lot of money and to give back i’ve wanted to write this blog to help others going through a similar situation to me. If you do have anything to spare, even a share would mean the world. ❤


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